What’s It Worth?: How to Figure out How Much Your Car Is Worth

The overall value of your car is influenced by how many miles your car will drive on a gallon of gasoline, how many miles are on your car, and the overall physical condition of your vehicle. 

However, the market value of your vehicle’s appraisal is also based upon a market value that determines how much your car is worth. A common example of a tool that estimates the market value of your car is referred to as Kelly Blue Book, which can provide an estimate on both new and used cars.

But, how else can you discover a car value?

How to Discover a Car Value

If you’re trying to sell your car for a competitive price that doesn’t put you out of the running with local dealerships, discovering your car’s value is essential if you’re trying to ensure that your car is actually going to sell.

1. Pick up a Local Newspaper 

Before you make up your mind about what price you’re going to put your car at, take some time and pick up a local newspaper. Check out to see if there are people in your area selling the same (if not, similar) model and year car that you have.

Keep track of the prices that they’re selling their cars at, just so you have a general idea of the pricing window that you should try selling your car at. 

2. Use Kelly Blue Book

Not interested in spending time searching around a local newspaper for a solid estimate? Kelly Blue Book is an online tool that you can use to estimate the total value of your car, even if your car is brand new! 

3. Try out Edmunds

Unlike Kelly Blue Book that bases your car value on national market value, Edmunds bases your car’s estimated car value off of car sales in your area. This car value estimating tool takes trending information based off of other people’s car sales in your area to give you an estimate of how much your car could possibly sell for in your location. 

Wrapping It Up

Making sure that you’re getting the best value for your car can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re trying to use the money that you earn from your car sale to pay off of a debt or save up extra cash. Even if you don’t have any experience selling a car, use the above tips to estimate your car value to ensure that you’re selling at the best price for you and your customer!

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