Scrapping 101: How to Sell a Car for Scrap

Whether you’re in need of some fast cash or your car just simply isn’t fitting your needs anymore, learning how to sell a car for scrap can help put some extra cash in your pockets. 

But, trying to figure out how to sell car parts for scrap pieces at the highest prices in your area can take a lot of effort. Selling these scrap pieces can be especially time-consuming if you have no clue on how to start selling a car for scrap steel prices.

That’s why today, we’ve come up with a complete guide on how to sell a car for scrap!

How to Sell a Car for Scrap

In order to successfully sell your car for scrap with as little effort and time as possible, there are a couple of suggested guidelines that you should follow. 

1. Get Your Papers Together

Before you go to scrap your car, you’ll need to make sure that you have all of the paperwork that you need to prove that you own the car you’re attempting to scrap. Be sure to have your vehicle’s logbook, as this is what will prove that the car belongs to you and works to help stop any unauthorized sales. 

2. Go to an Authorized Scrapper

In order to ensure that you’re legally selling your car, you need to take your car to an Authorized Treatment Facility that is licensed by the Environmental Agency; it’s actually illegal to sell your car to an unauthorized scrap yard. 

3. Remove Parts From the Body Of Your Car

If you’ve decided that you’re only interested in selling your car for scrap metal, you’re going to need to take out everything inside of the car that isn’t metal. You should remove wires, the radio, and seat covers. In some instances, scrap yards won’t accept cars that haven’t been completely stripped down. 

4. Decide What Individual Parts You Want to Sell

Selling your car for scrap metal can make you money, but selling individual car parts from your vehicle is a great way to make a good chunk of extra cash. Removing valuable parts from your car such as the engine, transmission, brakes, and even the wheels can help lead you to a larger profit. 

5. Understand That Where You Live Can Affect Your Payout

The pricing of scrap metal can change from year to year and even month by month! Plus, different scrap yards will have different interests in specific models, years, and manufacturers, which is why you may get different pricing from one junkyard in comparison to another!

But on the bright side, most scrap yards are willing to pay you a higher payout if you’re able to drive your car to their facility!

Wrapping It Up

Still wondering how to sell a car for scrap? We have the answers to all of your scrap selling questions! Contact us today to sell your car for scrap pieces or if you’re in need of finding extra scrap car parts!