How To Get Rid Of An Old Vehicle Without the Paperwork

Selling a junk car can be done with ease, but when it comes to selling one without registration, there might be more steps than if you were to have everything in order. Speaking with an Ottawa car buyer about how much they may pay you for your scrap car is the best way to go when you want to make sure that you are selling the vehicle for the right price. The car buyer is someone that is going to give you a price and provide you with more information about what they are going to do with it. However, learn what you have to do to sell your junk car without any registration for it. 

Having an Unregistered Vehicle

Even if you thought that the vehicle did not need to be registered because you were not using it and it was just sitting there, this is actually illegal. It is legally supposed to be registered in order to be on the property. Being found with a car that is unregistered is asking for a fine. 

Transferring the Title

The good news though even if the car is not registered to the area, it is still a vehicle that you own. This means that you do not have to have it registered, you just need to have the title. This is something that can be transferred to another owner if you so choose. In order to have the vehicle picked up from a company, having this title means that you can sign the vehicle over to them and they can then remove it and dispose of it as necessary. 

Getting Plates

It is good to have the plates on the vehicle, but if it is not registered and the plates are still on the vehicle then you will want to remove the plates before anything happens to the vehicle. If something is done to it or illegal activity happens with it then you could be liable for any charges that come with it. You could also be fined for using plates that do not belong to the vehicle any longer. 

Always make sure that you know what you are doing when it comes to the vehicle, the registration, and more. If the vehicle is unwanted, being able to have someone come and pick it up is the best way to go about it. You can feel good about moving forward with a junk car company because they are the ones that are coming to pick it up. If you have questions about this process they are also the ones that can help you answer them.

Talk To A Car Removal Specialist In Ottawa

Of course, if you have more questions or just want an instant quote, speak with junk car professionals in Ottawa today, or go online to They can provide you with more information regarding the junk cars out there and what comes next with them. They can provide you with even more information regarding what is needed on your behalf and what they can do for you regarding the car you need to have removed. 

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